Thursday, 8 April 2010

Opinion poll dancing (to music)

Have you ever bought a download? Do you prefer to buy CDs? Would you be prepared to buy a book with a download in it and try downloading for the first time?

Given that election fever is in the air (in the UK at least) and opinion polls are going to be coming out left, right and centre (hopefully more left than anything but I'm not holding my breath), I thought I would have my own.

I am hoping to release the album WITHOUT the option of buying it in CD format, because CDs are toxic and not recyclable, and 100,000lbs of them end up in landfill EVERY MONTH.

Instead I will produce a book of images, lyrics, illustrations and essays, with a download code for the album in it.

I have had mixed views on the feasibility this idea from friends in the industry. And I need to at least break even on this release and preferably make a little pocket money for what has been over a year of hard work so far.

So please share your thoughts, opinions and music-buying history. All wordage received with gratitude!


Wretha said...

Go digital, it's how everything is going anyhow. It's easier, cheaper, if the end user wants it on a CD, we can burn it to a CD ourselves.

CDs get scratched, they get lost, they get stolen... when I do buy a CD, the first thing I do is copy it (in mp3 format) to my computer, then put the original disc away for safe keeping, I listen on my MP3 player, or burn copies to another CD to play in my car, well that was when I had a car that had a CD player (hehehe), my 69 VW Beetle doesn't even have a radio, much less a CD player. :)

You can always do a small, or larger run of CDs if you feel it's needed later on.

Padma said...

Good to hear your thoughts - thanks Wretha!

Steve Cole said...

I agree with Wretha - go digital. It's far greener. According to Andy & Dave Hamilton, authors of The Self Sufficient-ish Bible, down loading a CD reduces the carbon footprint from 1.6kg to 0.7kg.

But they add a word of caution. If you then burn you own CD you increase the carbon footprint three-fold, making it worse than having bought the CD in the first place.

Padma said...

Thanks for the input Steve. How's the yurt construction going?

teresalrighetti said...

I'm lazy about music so probably a bit of a spanner in the works for you, but in reality, when I want to listen to something, I get it from youtube - or i used to use spotify when it was free (I just look for another similar provider). Sorry not to support the creative arts, but I haven't bought music for years, in fact, your CD was the last one I bought... if I really want to own something then itunes I suppose? I have a stash of CDs but downloaded them on ipod and they're just gathering dust.

Padma said...

Hey Teresa - Just saw you comment - thanks! I have in the end made it very easy for the laziest of people! You will be able to

1. buy the CD (which comes with a 16 page booklet about climate change, sustainability, yurts and yours truly and is in eco-packaging), or

2. dropcard (which is made from 100% post-consumer waste and embedded with wild flower seeds to you can download the album, then plant the card and grow flowers!) or

3. buy it from the website RIGHT THIS MINUTE ( for just $9) or from iTunes, eMusic, or wherever else you want to go (except Spotify because the artists get a really bad deal royalty-wise) or

4. For a limited time you will just be able to stream the entire album from the website. I will make no money this way, but at least Spotify aren't raking it in on my hard labour!

How's that?