Saturday, 29 August 2009


For a while now I've been a bit frustrated at being so dispersed across the internet. It doesn't feel very neat. So I just took a couple of days to pull everything together into a fully integrated, firing-on-all-cylinders, Rolls-Royce-of-the-internet type web experience that is PadmaLand!

From now on my blogs will be posted there. There's also a section for video, Twitter updates, links to articles I've written, gig schedule, music, ah man it is a work of art.

So please head on over to PadmaLand for the latest news, ramblings, cogitations, videos, 140 character Twitter haiku ... you name it, it's there.

See you at PadmaLand soon! (It's like Disneyland but without the attitude police and the expensive cuddly toys).