Wednesday, 13 May 2009


Yep I have arrived. Just about over the jetlag and the mild strain of swine flu that I caught on the plane over. They just shouldn't let pigs on planes. It raises all kinds of issues about expressions starting with "If pigs could fly..."

But I digress.

Between leaving the yurt and arriving here I've been writing articles, doing interviews and performing on web TV. Thus not much time for blogging.

You can read about my journey and all the stuff I got up to in England here: There are also some nice photos of me (oh, and the yurt).

And see for a couple of vids of me performing tracks from the first album, and an interview about my time in la yurta.

And see for an article about Just Music - the record co I am signed to. If you haven't already got Padma fatigue by now, the article also includes an interview with me.

There are some very groovy people in the community where I'm staying: Oneness blessing givers, whirling dervishes, musicians, artists and regular nice people. I am enjoying it.


Started recording the album, got first gig lined up in Vancouver, and got my eyes on a sexy Edirol midi controller keyboard from a GIGANTIC music store downtown (will post a picture when we are married). Experimenting with drum programming. More soon!


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